Earthquake Alerts & Building Monitoring Systems for everyone

Grillo helps reduce the anxiety of living with earthquakes. Discover our smart and affordable earthquakes early alarms and building monitoring systems that could save your life.
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Improve human resilience to earthquakes

Efficient earthquake protection shouldn’t be reserved to large corporations. We want to improve human resilience to earthquakes by creating smart and affordable devices. Devices that protect as many people as possible.

More than five years of research and development have culminated in our best alarm yet: Grillo Alert. This is the first ever smart and affordable Earthquake Early Warning alert for your home and your work.

Discover this little device that could potentially save your life. 


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When seismology meets new technologies

Architects, seismologists, data scientists, engineers. The perfect mix to build the most advanced but yet affordable earthquake early warning alerts for everyone. Discover how we work! 

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Our first batch of Grillo Alerts will be limited to 500 units. Register now to reserver your own earthquake alert and get a 25% discount coupon on your first purchase!
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Why choose Grillo

Forget apps that are slow, noisy and don’t always work. Say goodbye to expensive devices that only companies can afford. It’s time for a new kind of earthquake alert. 


This is the current amount of sensors we’ve deployed; we plan to achieve +200 by the end of the year. 


This is the percentage of earthquakes that occured in March 2019 that were first detected and announced by Grillo vs traditional services. 


This is the average recorded delay between the moment when the Grillo Alert triggers, and the moment the quake hits. 

Help us build the future of earthquake resilience

Faults don’t have frontiers. Neither should EEW systems. Discover OpenEEW, our open data project designed to build the first decentralized, borderless Earthquake Early Warning system in the world. 
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From Grillo with 💙

“A solution like Grillo has been the dream of the engineering community for a long time”

Thomas Heaton, Civil Engineer, Caltech, Science Magazine, February 2019
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