Our Mission

Grillo is a social enterprise that wants to make the world safer from earthquakes. We mix science, technology and passion to develop our solutions.

Core Grillo Team

Our team is ambitious, passionate and collaborative. Grillo has PhD scientists, IoT hackers, data-obsessed engineers, and more. The mix of academia and business encourages everyone to work closely together and aim high.

Andres Meira


Andres created Grillo following years of living and working in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Previously he worked for the Clinton Foundation delivering important humanitarian projects, and has also worked in India, Malawi, and the UK. Andres founded Grillo to protect his family from earthquakes when he moved to Mexico City. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a recipient of the Gifted Citizen Award, and his projects have been widely published.

Luis Rodriguez


Luis has a PhD from the UME Graduate School in Pavia, Italy. He has experience in seismic source characterisation, seismic modelling, early warning systems and hazard modelling, strong motion analysis. Previously he worked for the Global Earthquake Model Foundation, as well as the National Seismological Service in Mexico. Luis joined Grillo because he wanted to be part of an initiative that has an impact in the world saving lives, reducing vulnerability and increase awareness of earthquakes based on state-of-the-art applied science.

Michael Allman


Michael specializes in Big Data and machine learning, converting vast amounts of sensor data into actionable events. He is from London, England, and obtained a PhD in Mathematics from Warwick University. Michael enjoys the dynamic, interdisciplinary environment at Grillo and the opportunity to work with highly talented colleagues towards making a positive impact around the world.

Anahi Becerril


Anahi is a graduate of the Geophysics course in UNAM, one of Latin America's best universities. Anahi is passionate about earthquakes and saving lives, and has helped plan, deploy and maintain Grillo's seismic networks.

Chloe Delplace


Chloe holds a Master's degree in Innovation Strategy Management from Toulouse School of Management in France. She has travelled to many places and appreciates that each country has unique and important social and environmental problems that stand in the way of their development. She also likes business challenges and opportunities. That’s why Chloe joined Grillo to develop a strategy which allows the company to grow and fulfill its mission.

Gary Hattem


Gary Hattem is an independent adviser to non-profits/NGOs, corporations, and social enterprises with a specialization in community development, impact investing, corporate social responsibility and philanthropy. Mr. Hattem held the position of Managing Director at Deutsche Bank and headed the Global Social Finance Group as well as its Americas Foundation until year-end 2016. Mr. Hattem is a recognized leader in the field of private sector investment in distressed communities having pioneered many initiatives and fund structures putting private capital to work for affordable housing, urban regeneration, health, the arts, microfinance and climate.

Karlo Rodriguez


Karlo is passionate about technology and serves as CTO for Klustera, a leading technology company that uses AI and Big Data to improve its customers' insights into their users' behaviour. Karlo has supported Grillo and its development since the early days.

Diego Melgar


Diego is Professor of Seismology at the University of Oregon, and also a member of the ShakeAlert committee for the US Pacific coast. Diego brings experience of modern EEW practices including Machine Learning.

Allen Husker


Allen is the Head of Seismology at UNAM university in Mexico, a world-leading research institute for seismology. Allen has been involved with Grillo since 2014 and helped design its current solution. Previous to Grillo, Allen had worked with the Quake Catcher Network initiative from Stanford University, deploying small seismometers to volunteers around the world for seismic analysis.

Do you want to save lives from earthquakes?

We are always looking for talented software engineers, data scientists, product managers, and other members for our team.